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Our Services

Our JSR Production house, as the production company or production studio, is specialized in media production for personal or corporate events for their clients. Our production house has the expertise in manpower and equipment to host indoor or outdoor events that will be either broadcast Live via social media online like YouTube or traditional media like television or recorded in high definition videos for internal usage as requested by their clients.

This includes any forms of communication, information, or entertainment purposely intended for a large audience for corporate, promotional, or educational reasons. In general, the JSR production house will handle the operational aspects such as scheduling, scripting, talent and resources supply, post-production, distribution, marketing, and other related activities. We are also responsible in the process from the initial concept to the completion of the project which includes the concept, scripting, scheduling, and casting, and so on. If necessary, JSR production house will also involve in the budgeting process to help their client to control the production budget and make the event to be more cost-efficient.

As the sole purpose is to engage and connect with their audience, JSR Production house is responsible to ensure that the post-production, deadline, and planning are within their arrangement so that the quality of the end product is not compromised in any way.

There are many services available to the JSR production House and some of them are mentioned below for reference.

1. Corporate Profile Videos – Online video that introduces the company’s brand, history, and services on the company’s website

2. Social Media Video Production – It is the production of videos in various disciplines to be broadcast online via the social media platforms such as YouTube or search engines for business or education purposes.

3. Whiteboard Explainer Animation Video – It is a form of animation video that helps to explain any product or services online in a fast and engaging manner and is commonly created for marketing or educational purpose.

4. Video Editing Service – Video editing service is provided by the production house to manipulate and make the manual arrangement of video shots to improve the audio and video effects of the video.

5. Video Productions – As mention earlier, video production is usually for business or personal purposes which will be set for live production or post-production depending on the client’s requirement.